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The Imperial Heritage Melaka Located at centre of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Melaka

Malacca is one of Malaysia’s top ranked holiday destination. The Dutch ruled Malacca for almost 183 years. The Japanese and British have also left their footprints in Melaka City. As a result, the city is rich with historical influences and bursting with mouth watering food at every corner. Melaka was listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7th July 2008. Due to Melaka’s rich history and culture, “visiting Malaysia  and stay at at Melaka hotel ‎ is a must.

The Imperial Heritage hotel is the newest Melaka hotel in town and is located within a UNESCO attraction site.

There are many Melaka hotels to choose from, but the Imperial heritage offers not only an advantageous location, but also convenient parking. In a city where carpark is always a predominant issue, the Imperial Heritage is the best choice for a Melaka hotel.

The Imperial Heritage prides itself on being located in the heart of a UNESCO protected site directly. Staying at our Melaka hotel ensures you get to enjoy the best that Melaka has to offer all within walking distance.

The Imperial Heritage Melaka hotel was designed to reflect Melaka’s strong historical influences and you can see this in the small details of the architecture and the interior design. To cater to your individual needs, we have different types of rooms ready. A one room suite, 2 room suite, 3 bedroom suite, or studio units.

Caught in traffic jam?
Stressed Looking for a Car Park?
Looking the best malacca local delicacies.  

At the Imperial Heritage, all you favourite are within walking distance.

Furthermore, we provide a Baba Nyonya performance along with dinner that will give you the full history of Melaka though a 90 minutes performance filled with laughter and performed personally by the famed Datuk Kenny and his team.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!