Sam Po Kong Temple entrance 13 minutes of walk away from the Imperial Heritage Boutique & Gourmet Hotel

Sam Po Kong Temple (Historical Site)

13 minutes walk from The Imperial Heritage Hotel

This is a small temple located at the foot of Bukit China. There is a well-known ancient well that is located right at the side of this temple. 100 meters to the right of the temple is the Second World War memorial. This is a historical site for Malaysian Chinese. It is a temple of multi functions; especially goddess, Tua Pek Gong is a local Taoism goddess controlling the local land and in charges of wealth. Ma Zhu is the lady god managing the sea water to ensure safety of people with job related to sea life. Another picture that is being worshipped is the Kapitan of local Chinese during the Dutch era of Melaka history. This Temple is located in the middle of Chinatown in Melaka. You can observe the Chinese population and their rituals here. It is a good place to understand and to learn about Chinese habits and traditions.