St Paul’s Hill (Historical Site)

6 minutes walk from The Imperial Heritage Hotel

St Paul’s Hill, is also known as flag-raising mountain, is the highest peak of the Malacca region, standing at the top of the viewing platform overlooking the Malacca Strait, is the perfect spot for photography viewing. During the Portuguese-Dutch War, St Paul’s Hill is the focus of both sides, the mountain buildings destroyed in the war, walls witnessed the vicissitudes of history. When it was first built, it was only a small chapel, with its strategic position in the presence of the high place, making it not only a religious mecca for the Portuguese, but also a symbol of tranquility. Standing at the top of the viewing platform in St Paul’s Hill, which is beside the Santa Fonzi, overlooking the Malacca Strait, there is a great place to see the view of -five Yu Shan (Pulau Besar).