Red two-story building with Chinese architectural design named "Cheng Ho Cultural Museum" featuring decorative lanterns, statues, and bilingual signage in Malay and Chinese. 14 minutes of walk from Imperial Heritage hotel.

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

14 minutes walk from The Imperial Heritage Hotel

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum is believed to be a restructured ancient building with Ming architecture, with two to three hundred years of history. The famous Cheng Ho is the Ming Dynasty Admiral who has visited Malacca many times while en route to the Western Ocean from 1405-1433. It is believed that he has set up a huge warehouse complex along the northern side of Malacca River. To date, there has been dispute in the location of the warehouse complex, while some believed to be at Bukit Cina. Nevertheless, the museum showcases many evidence of cultural exchange between the local ethnic and the Chinese, among others, treasure ships, tea houses and other navigation instruments.