We would like to thank our valued customers for their unwavering support towards our products and services over the years, hence we have created a hassle-free for our valued customers to join the loyalty membership program to enjoy a variety of good deals and promotions.

-Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong-

Digistar was incorporated in 1982 with a wide range of expertise and experience in broadcast technology, the hospitality industry, and E-commerce. We also take part in the government’s Private Financial Initiative Project. To show our great appreciation for the supports from our valued customers over the years, the board has decided to launch the

Rosensky Loyalty Program

All Loyalty Members can enjoy a bunch of benefits and discounts on our products and services such as hotel rooms, premium honey products, monitoring systems and so on.

To understand more about this Loyalty Program, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]